July 2012

The Office Politics Game

"The sport of business is the ultimate competition." - Mark Cuban

There are some pitfalls that should be avoided. The following are just a few golden rules to enable you to win in the office politics game and make sure that no one is able to knife you.

Be wary of your online presence

Nowadays, an online presence, and a great one at that, is becoming almost mandatory in order to get a job you love and to climb the corporate ladder. But make sure to be consistent with all the posts you make online as most companies and employers are going to Google you before they decide to hire you or promote you or give you more responsibilities.

Social capital

I think the best way to build up your social capital is to be very observant of your colleagues and senior managers. Raised eyebrows, smiles and frowns should all be carefully noted. In other words, read between the lines and never assume anything. For instance, you may not like a certain person and want to confide this to someone else. For all you know, the person you are confiding in may have an affair with the person you don’t like.