Temp Agencies in NYC

Temp Agencies in NYC

Ever since I graduated last spring from the University of Minnesota, I have had the dream of working in New York City and Wall Street in particular. I have tried various strategies and I want to share with you one of them and that is to get staffing firms to assist you in landing your next gig in the Big Apple.

Wall Street Services

I want to cover more than just Wall Street and finance in this post, but what better place to start than this finance staffing agency. Go ahead and upload your resume to the site and be prepared to make cold calls to recruiters and keep following up as the website is flooded with resumes from top caliber applicants.


I encourage to use this agency as they promise to give you a call back as a courtesy for the time you put in your application. I promised to cater to people outside of finance and this agency does it all from bartenders, school professionals to IT jobs.


Professionals for Nonprofits

Now if you want to get into a career in nonprofits, then this agency will help you land that gig at an NGO, university and other such organizations. Temps are actually in high demand in the nonprofit sector so I suggest you give this a try.


Merlin Associates

Merlin Associates helps job seekers in marketing, entertainment, administrative support, law, nonprofits, consulting and of course financial services among other industries.


Bon Temps Personnel Agency

For all you people that want to be in the legal industry, this is the temp agency to send your resume to. They are always on the look out for paralegals, contract attorneys, legal secretaries, proofreaders and other such staff.


I just thought that it would be nice to give you some temp agencies that you may not have come across rather than list the names that you probably are already highly familiar with like Kelly Services, the finance and accounting temp agency AccounTemps, Adecco Staffing and Atrium Staffing.